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The development of the world has been associated with the impact of innovations and inventions. From the discovery of fire to the invention of engines and automobiles, every invention has had a significant impact on our lives

This article takes you through the impact of cargo ships in the modern world and how they have influenced human development.

Better Food Supply Chain

The goods that are required for our daily consumption are sourced from different parts of the world. This is made possible by the development of a better food supply chain. The refrigerated cargo ships and reefers have helped in the growth of the food supply chain.

The reefers are used to maintain the temperature and humidity of the food during transit.

Creation of Employment Opportunities

The cargo ships have also helped create employment opportunities for the people of the world. The growth of the maritime industry has created many employment opportunities for seafarers, officers, and shore-based personnel. 

The world has seen a shift from blue-collar to white-collar jobs due to the development of the maritime industry.

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